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We are based in north Wales and enjoy providing digital marketing support to Welsh businesses. With years of experience in the field and running our own small businesses, we know the challenges companies face when establishing an online presence. We offer a service specially tailored for your business. We aim to help you connect with your target audience in Welsh and English, build on your brand awareness and reach your online marketing targets. With our expertise and experience in all things digital and your passion for your business, we will no doubt work well together.

Llun o wefan Lolfa Lois

Websites and Maintenace

Adain supports businesses that want to provide digital information about their products and services. If you want to create a website from scratch, or look to improve what you have in terms of appearance or performance, we are here to help.

We understand that optimizing content as well as keeping a website up to date takes time. By letting us help with your website, you will have more time to focus on other business tasks.


We can work together to create a professional and bilingual website that will entice customers.

Social Media

Can't seem to find time to post on social media? Although online presence is important to keep your brand alive, it can be time consuming! We have helped businesses share the burden by offering social media packages where Adain takes the lead completely for a period of time or we can share the work with you.

Rhywun yn tynnu llun o fwyd ar ei ffôn
Llun o Lolfa Lois gydag offer ffilmio

Photography, Filming and Editing

We have years of experience in creating short videos for marketing purposes. We offer a package of photography, filming and editing work to create short videos to include on your website or social media.

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Content Writing

If you'd like us to support you with writing suitable content for your target audience in Welsh or English, whether it's a newsletter, website content, blog or social media, get in touch.

Llun o liniadur, llyfr nodiadau a Latte

Translation and Proofreading

Offering a bilingual service is very important to many businesses in Wales but not everyone is confident in both languages. If you would like help with translating documents, your website, or proofreading your content, please get in touch to discuss.

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Adain can offer help with design work to compliment your brand. Please contact to discuss.

Digital design
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Website Audit

Do you already have a website but aren't sure if it achieves its goal? Adain can assess your website from the user's perspective. We can also look at SEO and accessibility and offer feedback and suggestions on how you can improve your website.  

Brand Consultation

If you're not really sure where to start with digital marketing, we can provide you with recommendations of how you can move your business forward online and increase brand awareness.

ymgynghoriad brand steilydd
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